After Show Challenge

After each episode,  Pickle spins the wheel and proceeds to play a random game with the guest.  You can watch these on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel!

Episode 19: Devin Flemingo
Game: Mario Kart Wii

Episode 18: Ghetto Demon
Game: 20 Questions

Episode 17 : NOLA Horror Film Fest
Game: NES Major League Baseball

Episode 16: Like Water
Game: Madden 2013 for Xbox 360

Episode 15: Green Gasoline
Game: Marvel V Capcom 2

Episode 14: Ginger & The Bee & Justin Edward
Game: Catchphrase

Episode 13: Tidbits
Game: Pictionary

Episode 12: Tedd Walley
Game: 20 Questions

Episode 11: Mark Bagnetto of Southport Hall
Game: Madden 2013 for Xbox 360

Episode 10: Harry Hoerner
Game: Pop Song Karaoke

Episode 9: Tomb of Nick Cage
Game: Ghostbusters for Nintendo Wii

Episode 8: Fly Molo
Game: Catchphrase

Episode 7: Cerebral Drama
Game: Wii Carnival Games

Episode 6: Time Lattie
Game: Pictionary

Episode 5: Solo Thief
Game: 20 Questions

Episode 4: Scotty Elstrott of Typical Stereo
Game: Burger King Pocket Bike Racer for Xbox 360

Episode 3: Cheese of Whine & Cheese
Game: Dictionary

Episode 2: Phil Doty of Bending
Game: You Don’t Know Jack

Episode 1:  Brian Peschlow of House of Goats/Ghetto Demon
Game: Monopoly Deal