The Gherkin Awards


We’ve decided that with the amount of guests, fans, and friends we have had on the show,  the only way to truly celebrate the show is to hold our first annual “Gherkin” Awards.

A “gherkin” is a heralded pickle – One you may commonly see on a vegetable tray for a party, or to top off an elaborate sandwich on a toothpick.  We chose this name to honor the guests that we have had throughout the shows to declare that they are “the life of the party”.

And the best thing about these awards:  It’s not just voted on by some mucky-mucks behind the curtain.  It is voted on by YOU.  The Fan.  

2013 Gherkin Award Winners:

Most Entertaining Guest – Tim Lattie
Best Cover Song Performance – Justin Moliason “Bad Romance”
Best Live Performance – The Scorseses “Spacely Sprockets”
Angriest Guest – Cheese AKA Low Blow of the dirtiestPlayers
Best Legs – Darwin
Miss Girls of Summer 2013 – Ali Brown of We are Wires

Also,  Special Thanks to Babylon Sports Bar & Pulp Deception for having us for the after party!  Your hospitality was much appreciated!