From the Show

Music From the Show

All of the following songs were performed live on the podcast

Sammy Cusimano – 12 Gauge Blues

Wooden Wings – Sirens

Wooden Wings – Ashamed

Rebecca Fox – Cup Song

Dana Abbott – You’re Mine

Dana Abbott – Don’t Ya Feel Like Cryin’

Sammy Cusimano – Simple Man

Jukebox Heroes – Regulate

Jukebox Heroes – Thrift Shop

Remedy Krewe – Devil’s Smile

Remedy Krewe – Give It To Yourself

Phish Talkos – Devin

Phish Talkos – I Just Want to Hold You

Dirt – Nutshell

Dirtiest Players – Insane (acoustic)

Dirtiest Players – Noise (acoustic)

Dirtiest Players – Wake Up, Right Now (acoustic)

Enharmonic Souls – Untitled Song

Enharmonic Souls – Something About You

Enharmonic Souls – Summertime

Harvey Kastle – Take it Slow

Jak Locke – Tool With Prop

Justin Molaison – God Given

Justin Molaison – Ramble On

Justin Molaison – Sober

Justin Moliason – Bad Romance

Liquid Peace Revolution – Colors

Liquid Peace Revolution – Folsom Prison Blues

Liquid Peace Revolution – Hello Friend

Mighty Joe Young – Interstate Love Song – Live Acoustic

Mighty Joe Young – Plush – Live Acoustic

Music From Chaos – All Mixed Up

Music From Chaos – Do You Right

Music From Chaos – Homebrew

Scorseses – Spacely Sprockets

Scorseses – The Investigation

Secondhand Story – Little Talks

Shameless – Take it to the Ridge

Shameless – Take Me Down

Skin and Bones – Everlong

Skin and Bones – Rosemary’s Baby

Skin and Bones – This is a Call

Smashing Blonde – I Surrender

Smashing Blonde – Through Your Hands

Streetcar Samba – My Life

Streetcar Samba – The Truth

Czar TAOMG – Deviated Septum

Tributaries – Song 2

Tributaries – Counting Cars

Tributaries – Dangerous Thang (with Bongos)

Tributaries – Dangerous Thang

Tributaries – Song 3

Typical Stereo – 76

Typical Stereo – Another Push For Over

We Are Wires – Seventeen

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