10491970_692477214157667_1634821421001742577_nWe did a bit dedicated to the boys in blue,  supporting the streets of our New Orleans.  You can listen back to the shows dedicated to it.


NOLA Blue Police Corps
Lt. Hussy – Pickle
Officer Byrd – Mayday
Officer Earl – TAOMG
Deputy Dave – Silicon-Regular-Multiple Dave
Officer Krazy – Krazy
Dispatcher Brown – Ali Brown (We Are Wires-Epic Twins Productions)

Special Guests
Mayor Awanna – Chris Tarride (Juke Box Heroes)
The Robot – Pounders
The Hacker – Tim Lattie (world famous comic book artist)
Dr. Fondue – Cheese – LowBlow (dirtiest Players)
The Street Musician – Joshua Richoux (Harvey Castle)

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This series was proudly sponsored by:

_____ _ __ Leather Shampoo & Conditioner


And of course,  locally made and distributed NOLA Blue Juice


The Show Reel

Pilot Episode

Premier Episode

Mayor’s Orders

The Hungover

The Hacker

Mad Truth

The Accident

Explosive Vibes

The Funeral

The Take Over

Last Call