Friends of the Show

This is a small sampling of some of the guests we have had on over the years.

10830160_891305344247396_1820602903545815060_o Metal Hand of God Podcast –  Buddy, Buck and Rum talk to rockers, porn stars, gamers and more! 
11109257_666339973489135_7471211024153752363_nZombies Eating Sheep – This is Czar, Ali, and Mayday’s music project. 
387715_329650360382554_1071744517_nSouthport Hall –  Often discussed on the show,  not only is it one of Jefferson’s premiere music venues, you can find the Bagnetto boys there. 
imagesBabylon Sports Bar – Home bar of the best Janitor in the business, Robylon.  Often discussed on the show. 
10525859_10152221822267596_2781349843738337301_nJak Locke – The man of a million projects,  Jak is a versatile musician, movie maker, podcaster, and video game designer. 
1376569_600105713386376_1965207567_nDirtiest Players – New Orleans rap rock masters.  They run hard. and they don;t give a ****. 
196366_604163682943422_2063059981_nTim Lattie – Comic Book artist extraordinaire. 


pocheDarel Poche – Often imitated,  never replicated,  Darel Poche is the original DP. 
11002487_358881070980761_5603092186443315603_nPopcorn, Piss & Vinegar –  The Elder, Frilot, and JB discuss movie gossip, give movie reviews, and more! 
11050863_965982973412378_4173426041019730562_nHouse of Goats – Play RAPEVAN!!  When the Goat Boys aren’t killing on the show,  they’re slaying on the stage. 
378206_420805361288552_781912362_nMad Dog – New Orleans Punk Shock Metal band.  Winners of the 2014 Caroling with the Stars contest,  with their smash Holiday Hit,  “Christmas Gangbang”. 
10710313-standardMotherbitch – Lightning!!  If that wasn’t enough,  Eudora Evans,  and Mayday has been know to play drums with them. 
10015036_503647009745998_2066568699_nCerebral Drama –  Rock Rap group.  Recent guests,  but quickly becoming good friends of the show. 
553139_447172045362142_2134677682_nPhish Talko a Family Company – One of Devin’s many projects. 
10994062_715425015237168_5678413823012459572_nThe Tomb of Nick Cage – Melissa “Money” Mooney and the Goats with horrorcore music. 
297315_206476876090235_1443384895_nMusic from Chaos – New Orleans’  311 Tribute act.  Scotty, BJ, and B Loup  just to name a few of it’s Members 
10931415_698484306931011_5431177399722849925_nSimple Life – One of Superfan Devin’s favorite bands. Talented guys. 
10411439_10152463361004650_3360334523057583835_n90 to Nothing – One of the best 90’s and modern cover bands around. 
article-2132064-0F3A1AA500000578-710_468x408Twist of Lime – One of our frequent haunts.  Local rock music and comedy. 
1264497_10153308051915212_1655016521_o.313231509 (1) Corey Mack – One of New Orleans’ funniest comedians.