Picklescoop Show

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Picklescoop Podcast Show Archive

pscoopiconThe Picklescoop Podcast Show began in June 2008. We get interviews with local bands, local entertainers, and cover pressing topics including local news, video games, movies, the New Orleans Saints, Zephyrs, wrestling, and much more.

In January 2016,  The cast separated,  with Czar, Ali, and Mayday forming NOT REAL RADIO.  Please check them out!

Pickle stayed back and now does (besides the NOW Show) the Scoop, which you can simply click the banner at the top of the page to hear our latest episode.

The show cast included but was not limited to:

Picklescoop – The Hostest with the moistest.

TAOMG – a local New Orleans artist, TAOMG is best know for his painting style of “Alien Art”. You can often see him painting live at local music shows across the city, as well as see and hear more of his work on pseudologos.com.

Mayday Mike
– The master of the controls.  Mayday joined the cast and gives his “remarks” through sound effects, and the production of our awesome themes. When he is not fighting the lemur,  he can be found behind his trusty drums.

Ali Brown – our Social Media and Chat room connoisseur,  Ali also gives commentary on local shows,  band news, and more!

Previous Hosts/Occasional Guest Hosts

Blake – Known for his quick witted interviews, Blake brings not only an extensive knowledge of Saints stats, but also video games, comedy, and a worthy adversary for some of TAOMG’s views.

Multiple Dave – one of the original hosts of the show, Dave occasionally comes in and gives us updates about Bigfoot, cars, and non stop hilarity.

Kirkules – with nearly 20 years of sound production, Kirkules brings his knowledge of the music industry, Saints, local New Orleans parties and more.

Pounders– A longtime friend of Picklescoop, the P & P combo usually gets pretty wild pretty quick.

Helpful Harry – When he is not out at local music shows,  you can find him being helpful, eating beignets, or on his other podcast,  Twisted South Radio.

Krazy – Straight from the looney bin to your hearts, he’s Krazy (like a fox!).