The Scoop Episode 32 – Consortium of Genius

In this episode, we discuss some of the recent things we’ve attended, chat it up with Consortium of Genius, and meet an Animal Handler,Rickly and his Chinese Water Dragon Sebastian.

The Scoop Episode 31 – Cain Rsurrection

In this episode,  Pickle sat down and chatted it up with Mike and Levi of Cain Resurrection!  Always and honor to hang with these cats.  We discuss their history,  their upcoming shows,  and what we can expect in the future from the band.  

The Scoop 29 – Mad Dog (w/ Special Guest Krazy)

In this episode, Krazy and Pickle celebrate Christmas with the boys from Mad Dog.  We meet the new drummer Devin,  talk about their upcoming gig on Jan 13 @ Twist of Lime, and in general catch up.